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Interviewing a Mold Remediation Company

Water damage may spur serious mold issues which can in turn bring aobut serious health problems. Attempting to fix the mold problem yourself can only lead to more issues, considering you are not an expert in containment.

Looking for a qualified remediator knows the potential dangers of wrong remediation can be tough. Be sure to do a little research before choosing a mold remediation company.

Mold Remediation Principle

Though remediators are far from health practitioners, they must fully understand that indoor water damage can be highly toxic.

Post-project Environment Testing

Some type of testing is necessary before and after to show the project’s success or failure. Testing by the remediator should be avoided as this presents a conflict of interest. Instead, do a third-party testing for more accurate results. A remediator must never ignore the importance of testing.


Reputable mold remediation service providers always document their work with the use of digital photos. This is specifically true for projects that entail removing building materials. The customer should be able to view digital photos once the work is done.

Containment Procedures

A contractor that does not practice proper containment procedures should not be considered. Plastic sheeting and protection of entrances to the containment area are two of the most common containment procedures used today. Negative air machines (NAMs) also need to be HEPA filtered and exhausted in an open outdoor area.


There are contractors who are without any kind of insurance, which can decrease your cost. However, you could be liable when injuries or accidental property damage occurs. Stick to mold remediators with legit business practices.

Protective Gear

Personnel must work with respirators, safety glasses and hazmat suits. Disposable shoe covers must be worn on location because foot traffic can cause cross-contamination.

Waste Disposal Procedures

Waste material has to be wrapped and disposed of as soon as removal is done. Stuff shouldn’t be left around premises. The route must be as fast as possible to reduce probable leakage or breakage. Bagged items must be double bagged to avert cross contamination.

Securing Machines and Equipment

HEPA vacuums and aiir scrubbers are fundamental to the mold remediation process. This equipment has to be wrapped properly before they enter your areas they could be contaminated from earlier treatments, leading to a worsening of your mold problem.

If you meet a contractor dismisses your safety concerns, look for another prospect. Remember, you are the expert in terms of your health and your immediate home environment. Ask all questions and raise all concerns you think are necessary. Above all, listen to your gut as you try to make a smart decision for your family’s health and well-being.

Discovering The Truth About Businesses

Discovering The Truth About Businesses