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Things You Ought to Know Regarding Professional Testing for Drugs

Employers and employees need to be keen about drug testing. In many institutions, there are rules and regulations. Observance of these rules will lead you to maintain your position at work. For employers, rules are always changing. The alcohol and drug policies need to be looked into every so often to ensure they are in tandem with the laws of the land.

Drug testing is significant for many reasons. Both employees and their employers need to understand the reasons for drug screening. Productivity is key to your workspace, and some drugs will naturally lower productivity.

Aside from productivity, there is also safety. If you have employees physically, emotionally and mentally unstable due to drugs, you are putting others at risk. Aside from these, there is also promotion of integrity and helping your employees walk the right path. Professional drug testing can happen in many ways. Below are some types of professional drug tests.

The Urine Test
One of the most effective forms of drug testing is urinalysis. This type of analysis has been used for years, and it has become popular with so many people. This test shows the presence of non-psychoactive drug metabolites contributing to its reputation. It is an effective way of knowing whether there is any marijuana metabolite which is easily detected in urine. The reason behind this is that marijuana metabolite is fat soluble which means that even after two weeks of using the drug it can still be present in your urine.

Swab Test
The saliva test is an instant drug test that can guarantee fast results. It mostly detects the presence of parent drugs. Saliva tests are sensitive because if the test is done wrongly, the results displayed may turn out to be false. Additionally, when it comes to the swab test, the window left for detection is usually minimal. Hence, it may be challenging to detect some drugs like marijuana or nicotine if the test is not carried out immediately. Affordability and cost-effectiveness are the only factors that make the saliva test popular.

Hair Follicle Test
Even though this test is not as popular as the others, it is still effective. It easily detects the presence of metabolites on the hair follicles. Nonetheless, the test provides more data because it even brings out the patterns of use.

Blood Test
Lastly, you have the blood test. It is believed to be the best and most precise screening method. This is true considering that the blood flow is usually instantly infiltrated with drug substances once used. The blood tests are not cheap, and they are always brought out when a lot is at stake.

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