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Guidelines on Application of Eyelash Extensions

Extension of the eyelashes, you should never do it on your own this can be dangerous to your eyes. You may be the best, but when you do the extensions on your own, they may not be of quality. Do not be ashamed of going to another expert to make the eyelashes for you. Eyelash glue should be of the right temperature before applications to ensure long-lasting eyelash extensions. Make sure that you keep your glue safely and properly.

For example, we have the curved tweezers and straight tweezers, and they are used differently, making their purpose different. The right tools will help you achieve the best shape of eyelashes that you desire. Choose fake lashes of the right size so that the lashes of your client will not fall off easily. For long-lasting eyelashes choose the ones that are of the same thickness like the natural eyelashes.

Long lasting eyelashes is that one which a gel is put on it to make it firm. Knowing that there are three types of false lashes enables you to select one of your choices. Your goal may be to make people believe that the lashes you have on are real, so the medium, length is what you need to achieve this look. Know the type of natural eyelashes you have before applying the false lashes. Having your lash kit is also important.

Getting extensions from a person who knows what they are doing can save you big time no matter how much you, may think that they are costly. The expert always know what they are doing, they are good at what they do best. They have their guidelines that they follow to the letter to prevent any damage that may occur to you. Before applying for the extensions, the professional putting for you should do a patch test for you so that it can determine if you have any problems with the glue.

Application of the fake lashes always takes time so that your natural lashes cannot be damaged in any case. Take care of the lashes after it has been applied to you to achieve even better results in future. Do not be careless with the fake lashes, that will determine how long they stick to your lashes. Ensure proper care for the lashes and avoid things that can bring damage to them in no time. It can be stress relieve process because you have the time to relax when the process is being done to you. The most suitable curl lashes is for to determine one that can fit you well. Asking the opinion of the professional is best because they know what is best for you.

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